Oracle 11G, 12c , Golden Gate , Enterprise manger , Database administation , PL/SQL

Web & E-Commerce

Java, JavaScript, C#

Operating System

UNIX , WIndows


We build database-driven Web applications using ASP.NET. These Web applications are typically IT business solutions that store, manage and process data, and possibly interface with other systems within your organization. It could be an Internet, Intranet or Extranet application.

SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft's flagship database engine. I've been developing applications with SQL Server for over a decade, and it is a capable solution for companies of any shape and size. For web projects, we usually pair SQL Server with ASP.NET.


PHP is a popular scripting language used to create dynamic database-driven websites. Usually applications written with PHP also use MySQL. There are several excellent frameworks that we use with PHP, including CakePHP and Zend.


MySQL is the world's most used database management system. Wikipedia, Google, Facebook and Twitter all use MySQL. Yeah, it's huge. It's also open source, so you probably won't need to pay anything for it. I like it because it is very fast, and very secure.

Skill Expertise

  • System Database Administrators
  • Programmers / Developers
  • Application DBA
  • Business Analysts
  • Exadata solutions
  • QA Testers

Our Expertise

  • Out Sourcing
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Cloud computing
  • Server consolidation
  • Exadata solutions
  • Software development solutions
  • System admin services
  • Networking,security and firewall
  • Bigdata migration services
Our trained personnel, technology back-bone, high quality benchmarks and smart process orientation interfuse to meet customer expectations on-time every time. By integrating intellectual capital with latest technologies, we provide complete solutions to all our client needs. All this happens in a disciplined process environment with well-defined workflows transparent to one and all.


  • Our employees are our primary asset
  • As an employee-friendly company, we recognize and nurture talent
  • Provide learning opportunities to all within the organization
  • Open in communication and an equal opportunity provider


  • Process oriented approach with process champions for every process
  • Focus on continual improvement offering value to our customers


  • We invest heavily in staying ahead of the curve in content transformation technologies, innovation and learning best practices.
  • In-house capability to build strong technology platforms
  • Customer-specific work-flow systems developed and implemented in-house